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Draft Charter

Basic Tenet: A community is strongest when its members mutually ensure the right to self-determination. Humans have the obligation to foster self-determination through justice for all.

A human’s rights are inalienable, but they are not a given. Each member of a community is morally obligated to protect, foster, and deliver the justice necessary to ensure the human rights of each other member. Not only are we obligated to restore justice to those we have deprived of justice, but each person is the custodian of human rights for every other person.

No person is an island. We are bound to one another by the necessary impact our lives have on other humans as well as the impact we experience through the actions of others. Everything we do inevitably contributes to the joy or suffering of other people. We must hold ourselves accountable for the ramifications of our actions and be held accountable for the consequences we necessarily impose on others.

Justice is not possible without the commitment and action of those with the power and resources to provide it. Therefore, those with power must necessarily engage in the promotion of justice. With power comes responsibility. With great power comes great responsibility.

A community committed to justice amplifies the ability of its individual members to determine their own destiny. A community comprised of individuals who enjoy the right to self-determination is a community most likely to rise to its full potential. A person who delivers justice to others necessarily improves the world for oneself.


Humans have the right to self-determination.

With Power Comes Responsibility
Every person is obligated to protect, foster, and deliver the justice necessary to ensure the human rights of every other person.

Each person’s rights shall be limited only by the human rights of others. My rights end where your rights begin.

Equal Participation in Government
Government is the manifestation of the voice and the will of the people. The will of the people shall be determined by elections in which each member’s voice is counted as one vote.

The people have the right and obligation to participate in the government.

The government’s primary obligation is to protect justice and provide an environment that fosters justice for the people.

Survive and Thrive
Humans have the right to a standard of living adequate and well-being..., including air, water, food, clothing, housing, medical care, human contact, freedom from fear, necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of...sickness, disability, widowhood,...or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond control.
(Largely quoted from the UN Declaration of Human Rights)

Humans have the right to pursue the improvement of their station in life.

Humans have the right to leisure.

Humans have the right to dignity, culture, and freedom of religion etc.

All humans are created equal with equal amounts of dignity.

Humans have the obligation to increase tolerance through understanding, accepting, respecting, and celebrating human commonalities and differences.

Free Speech and Press
Humans have the rights to freedom of speech, opinion, and expression.

Every community has the right to a free press. A free press has an obligation to protect the rights of the people by promoting truth, justice, and compassion.

Thought and Religion
Everyone has the right to freedom of thought. This includes the right to religious belief, practice and expression.

Each person shall enjoy the right to privacy.

Everyone has right to the resources necessary for the full development of the human personality. The people have the obligation to seek the full development their personality.

Parents shall have the obligation and the freedom to determine how best to educate their children until the community determines the child to be of age. The government state must set standards to evaluate whether the type of education is adequate.

Protection of Intellectual Property
All people have the right to determine how the products of their minds and labor will be used.

Enforcement and Accountability
The individual is accountable for his or her own actions. Everyone who has violated the rights contained in this document has the obligation to be reasonably punished and to provide reasonable compensation to any victims created by the violation. Violators are subject to punishment under this document even if no individuals step forward to actively claim their rights or to say that rights have been violated. Violators are guilty if guilty, not until proven guilty, however, courts shall view suspects as innocent until proven guilty.

No action or failure to act shall be considered a crime if not considered by law to be a crime at the time of the action or failure to act, and as such, no one shall be subject to punishment if a crime has not been committed. The consequences imposed on a criminal shall not be greater than the maximum consequences allowable by law at the time of the crime.

Punishments shall be proportionate to the severity of the crime.

Fair Trial
Perceived violations of human rights shall be evaluated by timely, competent, public courts. These courts shall determine the proper corrective measures, effective punishments, and necessary compensations required by violations. Prescribed corrections, punishments, and compensations shall be enforced by the people.

Each person has the right to have competent representation speak on your behalf.

Choice of Residence
Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence worldwide.

[Humans of full age, without any limitation due to gender, race, age, handicap, creed, societal status, wealth, or lack of wealth] have the right to marry and to found a family.

Marriage shall require the free and full consent of the intending spouses.

Humans have the right to own property.

Everyone has the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of association.

You have the right to forgo these rights, but if you cannot claim these rights, they shall be delivered to you.

Nothing in this document should be construed to take away rights.