CO2 in the atmosphere has other consequences for the planet like the acidification of the oceans. Our planet's waters are becoming unfit for sea life.

Driving our cars accounts for more than half of our personal CO2 emissions. This means that if you can get around without a car, you can cut your CO2 emissions in half! (source?)

Stay Zero has a very low carbon footprint and 10 acres of forest land in northern Minnesota to offset the rest. This means that our guests enjoy a zero carbon stay.

The average American...

The truth is, trees will not save us. There is enough carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere to continue warming the planet for generations. To save the world, we have to take this CO2 out of the air.

But there is not enough land on earth to grow enough trees (may not be true) to absorb enough CO2 just to keep up with current emissions rates. We also have to reduce emissions. We have to kick our fossil fuel habit.

Transportation accounts for 1/3 of our emissions. Building operation accounts for about 40%. This is where Stay Zero comes in.